Crema, a best-seller paper

Crema, a best-seller paper

The last novel of the American bestselling writer Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol, besides disclosing new mysteries and disquieting intrigues on the background of riddles and mysterious sceneries, reveals also a small secret. This secret does concern with us.

The Italian edition of the book - published by Mondadori - is in fact printed on a grade manufactured by Burgo Group. The same paper on which the adventures of  Robert Langdon, the professor of religious symbology, main character of the Brown's novels, are told.

It is Crema 2.0, an uncoated grade of the Burgo family of book papers. Its name suggests its warm shade, one of its main features which allows fans a relaxed reading in order to be captured completely by the plot.
The substance selected for the print of the Italian edition is the 80 gsm.

Crema 2.0 is a paper which stands out for its excellent smoothness, granting a very good runnability. These features makes it ideal for the printing of novels, school books an comics.
It is available in 60-100 gsm substance range for web offset.

Actually,  a real best-seller paper.