Bio Coated Kraft: an environmental marriage between paper and biopolymer


There is good news from the world of food packaging papers!  Bio Coated Kraft is produced by Mosaico Specialty Papers –  the Burgo Group’s specialty papers Business Unit – and has received “Compostabile CIC” (Consorzio Italiano Compostatori, licence no. 026) certification, recognising that it is biodegradable and compostable, as demanded by the criteria expected in European standard UNI EN 13432 of 2002.

Plastic materials are the basis of a wide range of products to package convenience goods, but their resistance to biodegradation constitutes a potential danger for the environment when the product becomes refuse. What is more, growing sensitivity for the protection of the environment demands that any packaging containing plastic that is dumped for composting must have an innovative quality, in addition to biodegradability: the material must disintegrate.

Bio Coated Kraft is the response to this need from Mosaico Specialty Papers. It is an MG kraft paper that is hot laminated with a special biopolymer, available in up to 90 gsm total substance; it also has FSC® certification and is certified as suitable for use with food. By combining paper and bioplastics, Bio Coated Kraft is totally compostable: a product for food packaging that decomposes naturally during composting, and simplifies refuse separation throughout the chain, and at all stages of waste disposal.


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