Small changes colonize the Burgo Group’s Calendar 2015  by Luca Caimmi. Ideas written in pencil on his notebook in various moments and then interpreted in paint and in written words: in the winter months a book becomes essential when isolating oneself in a shelter high up in the mountains; in springtime a poster is the solution for creating that something special to hang on a wall; in the luxuriant nature of May,  the musician gives breath to the plants as if they were an orchestra; the hot summer “forces the artist to get away from the crowd and only communicate with his designs”, while September is the month of surprises, it gives us a fleeting read on a jetty and a surfing of the waves; at the end, when autumn turns to winter,  each of us is at home doing our own things, but some of us travelling in the mind and dreaming of "elsewhere"… “The light of the night will help us. The more daring rushing to catch its rays”. These are images with small, carefully balanced actions between stillness and motion,  which carefully describe  the mutations of time passing by.

Luca Caimmi attended the Urbino Academy of Arts, graduating in painting.He obtained some important awards, such as the Andrea Pazienza award as well as being selected for the Bologna Illustrator Exhibition of Children’s Books in 1998 and 1999. As an illustrator, he collaborates with the publishers Libri Di Sport, Topi Pittori, Acerbo, Laterza and Nuages. He mixes editorial with artistic activities exhibiting drawings, illustrations, paintings and ceramic works.

Burgo Group printed the 2015 calendar on Respecta satin, 250 g/m2, coated paper by Burgo for fine prints, FSC® certified; the cover is printed on Prisma Silk 2SC, 400 g/m2, SBS board FSC® certified.

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