Burgo Group lignin sulphonates: production, technological innovation and marketing

Lignin sulphonates are obtained by a process that separates lignin from cellulose by means of sulphonation. Lignin is then solubilised as a calcium salt of lignin sulphonic acid. During the sulphonation reaction certain molecules of cellulose and lignin hydrolyse to form wood sugars, aldonic acids and other water-soluble substances, which are all recovered in production of lignin sulphonates.

Burgo Group lignin sulphonates (Bretax and Sartax) are produced entirely from Norway spruce to ensure that the quality level is constant, a quality that is difficult to achieve if various woods are used.

Burgo Group guarantees that its lignin sulphonates are top quality, thanks to research and development laboratories that study raw materials, experiment with innovative technologies, develop new products and provide consultancy as regards the choice of product and testing during utilisation.
As for all its activities, also during lignin sulphonate production Burgo Group adopts quality control procedures using a system approved by SGS and in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 standards.

Given all these features, in market terms Bretax e Sartax can be considered extremely competitive products. Their molecular composition created in various combinations also means these lignin sulphonates are very adaptable and ideal for use in a wide range of situations.

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Range and uses

A diversified range for applications on a number of fronts.
In fact based on the functional groups of the basic molecule, lignin sulphonates can be used in several fields:
  • concrete, cement mixtures
  • surface-active agents
  • carbon black, mineral granulation
  • emulsions
  • colourants, bonders and resins
  • soil stabilisation
  • tanning
  • ceramics and fire-bricks
  • industrial detergents
  • anti-parasite products
  • slurry conditioning
  • water treatment and conditioning
  • mineral flotation.

The Bretax and Sartax lignin sulphonate range is produced at the Tolmezzo mill and is available in powder, pallet or liquid form to cater for all types of utilisation and facilitate packaging and transport.

In specific terms, Bretax powder is sold in standard sacks (25 kg gross weight), large sacks (550 kg or 1,000 kg) or loose, delivered by means of mobile silos fitted with a compressor for pneumatic unloading. Sacks are made from multilayer paper rendered waterproof by polythene film applied internally.

This packaging also facilitates transport, given that standard and large sacks are usually transported on traditional 2 or 4-way wooden pallets normally comprising 60 or 30 units. Instead Bretax liquid is usually transported by tankers with sealed stainless steel tanks.

Service and assistance

Burgo Group's widespread sales network means that also requests for lignin sulphates can be dealt with punctually and with an effective coverage of all international markets. Assistance and service are handled directly and centralised at the Tolmezzo site in charge of this sector. A highly qualified staff deals with all customer requests and can resolve all types of production and commercial requirement.

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