Burgo Group pulp: quality raw material for Group papers, and not only this.
Chemical pulp produced at Burgo Ardennes' specialised Cellardennes plant is extracted from hornbeam, beech, birch, poplar and oak, ideal raw materials for the type of pulp produced, namely, short fibre BHKP (Bleached Hardwood Kraft Pulp). BHKP is produced by the kraft method for paper with outstanding printing performance and extremely high opacity and brightness, thanks to an innovative, environmentally friendly bleaching procedure. This is why world leaders in the paper and tissue sector recognise and appreciate the merits of Burgo Group chemical pulp.
Thanks, in fact, to its excellent characteristics it can be used to produce a wide range of products:

  • graphic papers – coated and uncoated
  • technical papers
  • products for hygiene use

The Burgo Ardennes mill has been producing pulp since 1964. From when it became part of the Group in 1994 important investments have been made in its infrastructures. Today its plant systems are among the most advanced in the sector and have increased the efficiency of energy consumption and production considerably (from 80,000 t to 367,000 t per annum of pulp). Part of this pulp is used for the mill's own paper production while the remainder is sold. Use of local, strictly PEFC certified forests, the adoption starting from 1999 of an ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and rigorous Quality Control in all production phases means Burgo Ardennes can guarantee superb product quality and maximum respect for the environment.
Customer care at Burgo Ardennes is expressed by the product, by a staff that provides personalised solutions and in service. In fact, deliveries are punctual thanks to a finished product warehouse organised in just-in-time mode, even for large order volumes, and a transport system that uses both road and rail.