A global vision of paper

Although silent and discreet, paper is a constant, familiar presence in our daily lives. Still today paper is a fundamental raw material and medium for transmitting ideas, thoughts, stories and emotions and is the driving force behind cultural, social and economic development the world over.

And again, paper comes in several different forms, substances, characteristics and end-uses by means of continually evolving production and distribution processes and communication tools. In fact, every time we use paper it is because we have a specific need to communicate, whether by means of a magazine, packaging or a book. And each medium generates its own particular spectrum of expectations.

Burgo Group's ability to capture the typical needs of each situation then becomes the focus of research and development to identify paper solutions with different technical specifications and, therefore, products with quality levels that respond to printing requirements.

But not only this. In an increasingly competitive graphics market Burgo Group constantly seeks to develop and propose solutions that optimise costs and printing performance. Two examples of this are large format products and lightweight high opacity papers, which translate into significant savings for printers and publishers.

In line with the Group philosophy that sees sustainability as a priority and imperative requirement, and in response to increasing pressure expressed by public opinion in this regard, Burgo Group offers a range of ecological papers produced using fibrous raw material from certified forests or from recycled products.

Burgo Group: a global vision of paper rooted in its history, know-how and passion and a Group always attentive to the world that surrounds us. An ever-changing world.

Types of paper

  • Coated mechanical papers (CMR): high circulation magazines, catalogues, inserts, supplements, promotional material
  • Coated woodfree papers (CWF): magazines, brochures, company financial statements, photography books, quality commercial printed matter
  • Uncoated papers: books, exercise books, diaries, advertising material, dictionaries, office papers
  • Digital papers: photobooks, invitation cards, calendars, packaging, publishing, brochures, posters, direct mail, POS materials
  • Speciality papers: paperboard for containers and converting products, label papers and self adhesive, flexible packaging, posters, shoppers, gift wrap, bags, envelopes, tissues, place mats, napkins, food wrapping papers


Tradition at the service of innovation
A brand that goes back a long way: know-how that has grown together with a company that for over one hundred years has always shown it believes in its core business. Past and ongoing investments have enabled the company to develop a broad product range with a wide appeal and superb quality that matches customer needs and supports their growth thanks to targeted and flexible solutions.

Graphic papers for luxury printing (coated and uncoated), publishing and catalogue papers, book papers, office papers: a wide range aimed at all business sectors.


Think special!

Mosaico: a name reminiscent of the eclectic world of art, a trademark that speaks of colour and movement for a brand dedicated to speciality papers.

Really sophisticated solutions benefit from classic, high bulk and digital coated papers, pure cellulose paperboards, but also products for flexible packaging, posters and labels.