Exploiting the energy system
From 2003 onward the Group's energy system business has been managed by the wholesale and trading company Burgo Energia srl, one of whose main objectives is to create an awareness and sense of responsibility concerning energy consumption in each individual paper mill. But also exploitation of production plants, specialising them according to type; reduction of specific production costs; business growth by operating in the market.
In specific terms:

  • industrial area: activity is focused on opportunities to increase installed power, research into possibilities to transport energy on Group networks and industrial management improvements (operation, maintenance and control);
  • energy management: activity focuses on centralised management of production and consumption measures, management to balance hourly flows over the network, logistics management of natural gas and planning of production hours in Group power stations;
  • commercial area: activity performed directly by the company Burgo Energia Srl srl, which:
    • purchases electric power in the domestic and international markets and excess production of Group power stations;
    • sells electric power to Group mills that are not self-sufficient and to the free market (industrial end-users and wholesalers);
    • trades on organised electric power markets;
    • trades and sells gas to medium and large-scale customers.

In 2005 Burgo Energia obtained recognition as an E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company) and is currently able to manage over 9,000 million kWh.

Flow diagram