Glossary / P

Paper profile
A standard voluntary declaration used by manufacturers to indicate the information about the environmental impact of individual types of paper. It refers to general manufacturing parameters, product composition and emissions. The Paper Profile also includes information about the company’s environmental policy and about management of provisions of wood materials.

PEFC – Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes
This is a non–profit worldwide organisation, which was founded in 1999 with the backing of forest and paper industries, which promotes the certification of the activities of the forest chain in compliance with internationally recognised schedules. It certifies that the wood originates exclusively from guaranteed renewable forests that respect the ecosystem.

Phosphorous (Phosphorous Emissions)
The chemical element phosphorous has the atomic number 15 and symbol P. It is a non-metal (metalloid) and part of the nitrogen group. Phosphorous is not found in nature as an element but as phosphates (phosphoric acid salts). These salts are found widely in certain rocks and cells of living organisms, and are an essential component for the metabolism of the latter. As an element phosphorous is extremely reactive and combining with oxygen it emits a dull glow (hence the name, which in Greek means "bringer of light"). Today a significant change is under way as regards the natural supply of phosphates because of chemical fertilisers, detergents and addition of phosphates to many preserved foods. Above or below average quantities of phosphates (especially those containing white phosphorous) can cause health problems and interrupt the "natural phosphorous cycle".