Glossary / A

Agenda 21
This is the main document signed by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992; it sums up the specific action and strategies that the 183 signatory countries undertake to implement to achieve the objectives of sustainable growth. The document tackles issues that range from demographics to trade, from the transfer of technology to international institutions, from rural development to the protection of the oceans, etc., indicating for each one the lines of action which, although not binding legally, reflect the general consensus of the participants at the Rio Summit. This consensus aims for a growth model that pays more attention to the quality of life, one that is able to maintain a stable balance between mankind and the ecosystem, whose heritage of natural and biological reserves must be preserved for the good of future generations.

AOX (Absorbable Organically bound Halogens)
Organic molecules containing one or more atoms of halogens (particularly chlorine). The AOX measured is the total quantity (mg/l) of compounds of this type present in the effluents of the process.

Periodical, documented verification of the Environmental Management System, undertaken to monitor and improve it.