Water is a fundamental resource for paper production. But water is also a heritage of all mankind and this is why Burgo Group has implemented policies to reduce consumption of this fundamental resource thanks to recycling.

Water treatment
Water consumed is returned "clean" to the environment after a careful purification procedure that often reduces pollution to lower levels than before water intake. Up-to-date systems are used based on chemical-physical and biological processes.
There are three stages in the overall process:

  • preliminary treatment to eliminate large particulate;
  • utilisation of an active-slurry biological plant in which micro-organisms metabolise substances;
  • separation of biological slurry.

Optimisation of consumption

Waste water

 The concentration of pollutants in treated water – constantly main - tained below legal limits – is part of monitoring programs in line with the sector best practices




Data regarding the Tolmezzo and Chiampo plants are not included because their waste water is chan- nelled to an external consortium for purification.