Energy and Burgo Group: 100 years of experience

Founded to utilise the limited surplus energy produced by the small power station that provided electricity for Verzuolo's lighting system, in time Burgo went on to become a colossus in the papermaking sector and also an important generator of electricity. Today, in fact, it is one of Italy's major self-producers of energy outside of the petrochemical sector. But then right from the outset this trait was part of the company's DNA, given that the founder Luigi Burgo was an electronics engineer and he himself designed the two stations at Venasca and Calcinere that powered the initial Verzuolo paper mille.

Several paper mills were acquired from the 1920s onward and each had its own power station, which meant these mills were either totally or partially self-sufficient as regards energy.
During the 1980s Burgo formed electricity companies, which were not directly involved in paper mill activities, to manage the hydroelectric power stations. Then in 2000 these companies were merged to form Elettroburgo spa
During this same period the company installed new combined cycle gas turbine (CCTG) plants at Duino, Avezzano, Verzuolo, Toscolano, Villorba, Burgo Ardennes, Sarego and Sora and progressively developed its cogeneration capacity to the point where it became totally self-sufficient.

Today the Burgo Group has 12 power stations capable of generating about 3.1 million MWh. Combined cycle technology, joined with biomass power plants as in Verzuolo mill, achieves quite an effective synergy with the papermaking cycle, which uses steam to dry the paper, enabling cogeneration with considerable fuel savings.

Starting 2003, the Group has consolidated, developed and integrated its energy activities in a dedicated Business Unit: Burgo Energia srl, 100% controlled by Burgo Group spa