Workshop on paper

Politecnico di Torino, 2003

Workshop Politecnico di Torino Facoltà di Architettura
Corso di Laurea in Disegno Industriale
Graphic & Virtual Design

Workshop on paper for students at the Turin Polytechnic conducted by the Japanese artist Nagasawa in 2003. Paper as a raw material to be explored with limitless creativity using unconventional techniques. Nagasawa’s vision of space at the service of young students. An experience culminating with the exhibition of the works on card set to the backstage of the workshop.
Exhibition of works: Book Fair 2003


Hidetoshi Nagasawa

Hidetoshi Nagasawa was born in Manchuria in 1940 and graduated from the Tama Art University, Tokyo in 1963 with a degree in Architecture and Interior Design. Nagasawa arrived in Milan in 1967 after a legendary journey that began in Japan and continued across Asia, sometimes on foot, sometimes by bicycle and even by canoe, passing through Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Turkey and Greece to finally settle in Milan where he still works between the city and a Studio in Pietrsanta. This journey represents his first endeavour intended as "an expression of will and character".
During the 1971–1972 biennial he worked on the themes of travelling, the imprint of the body and the Isle of Sasso where the artist deformed reality with a slight personal touch. 1973 led to themes based on space and time (Bastone, Piroga), followed by others on boats. In 1974 Nagasawa began experimenting with different mediums as a means of expression between ideas and realization, such as his works created from paper and other similar materials. At the beginning of the 1980’s he began to work on themes related to architecture and dwellings (the Poet’s house). His most recent works (Wall, Leda Tree and Veil) are all centred on ambiguity and a state of mind that plays with the frivolity of creativity.
He took part in the 1972, 1977, 1982, 1988 and 1993 Venice Biennials and the IX Documenta show in Kassel (1992).
Hidetoshi Nagasawa