Paper mill Valley

Valle delle Cartiere or Paper mill Valley: the culture and historic heritage of paper in the Brescia Upper Garda Park. A proposed alternative type of tourism

Already the scene of "alternative tourism" thanks to enjoyable walks in the Brescia Upper Garda Park, today Paper mill Valley is exploited for its own distinct identity: the combination of luxuriant, scenic greenery – with olives, laurels and holm-oaks – and the magnificent lake plus the considerable industrial archaeological remains from the papermaking world.

This territory crossed by the River Toscolano and near Lake Garda was an ideal spot to set up a papermaking industry, given the strategic role played by water. And also the climate was appropriate for production needs. Already by the end of the 1300s important printers had set up in the area to be near to their suppliers. Up until 1800 the area witnessed constant industrial growth.

Establishing the museum has meant that the distinct features can be presented of an area offering a combination of nature and industrial archaeology that tells the story of an industry and a territory. This is why it made sense to transform Villa Maffizzoli – the family were owners of the old Maina paper mill – into a refined venue for tourism, the culture of paper and relaxation all in one place.