Paper Mills / Tolmezzo

Plant of Tolmezzo
Via Pier Fortunato Calvi, 15
33028 - Tolmezzo (UD)
Tel. +39 04334801
Fax +39 0433480287

Plant specifications

Production capacity (t/year) 165.000
Paper produced Uncoated woodfree for offset printing and cut-sizes. Tissue and machine-glazed for foodstuffs.
Number of production lines 2
Range of substances from 18 to 140 gsm
Autonomous production Pulp: 40,000 ton/year, Lignin sulphates: 45,000 ton/year, Steam, Electricity

Machine specifications

Paper machines Max. Operating speed m/min Working width cm
PM1 550 330
PM3 1100 454

Description and specialisation

Production at the Tolmezzo paper mill is diversified and ranges from the manufacturing of raw materials (the only plant in the Burgo Group that produces chemical pulp in Italy) to an ample selection of papers. Founded as Cartiere di Tolmezzo S.A in 1928, by 1933 production had reached 30,000 tonnes per year and in 1941 the mill became part of the Pirelli Group. Expansion, even throughout World War II, continued with the installation of the first paper machine. The mill was acquired by Cartiere Burgo Spa, now the Burgo Group in 1986.

The mill has attained FSC and PEFC forest certification.

In addition to the extensive production of raw materials and electrical energy, the Tolmezzo paper mill is specialized in the production of tissue and machine glazed papers for packaging, including foodstuffs, uncoated woodfree papers on reels and sheets for offset printing, and cut-sizes, in UNI A4, UNI A3 sizes for office use (investments were made in 2006 at Tolmezzo to increase the speed of the production line). The mill is located in a key position in the Carnic Valley with both the Austrian and Slovenian borders just a few kilometres away.