Forestry policy

Burgo Group and forestry management policies

The Burgo Group supports and promotes the positive use of forestry resources and contributes, through its company policies, to the elimination of illegal logging.
reach these goals, as well as only using fibres from forests managed in full compliance with local laws, Burgo Group is also actively involved in the following areas.

  1. Respect for the rights of indigenous people to use the forests – to respect and ensure others respect the rights of local communities who have relied on forests for their livelihoods and their cultures over the centuries. Protection of economic rights of use of forestry resources is fundamental in guaranteeing fair distribution of our planet’s wealth.
  2. Respect for the rights of indigenous populations – the Group believes that sustainability also means defence of the rights, cultures and traditions of minorities: our wealth is the result of maintaining diversity and protecting minorities.
  3. Promotion of forestry workers’ rights and relationships with indigenous communities – a commitment to ensure that forestry management has a positive impact on surrounding communities: guarantees regarding safety at work, safeguards for the rights of workers and monitoring social impacts in the area concerned. It is essential that use of forests has a positive impact on the social system involved.
  4. Guaranteeing the biological sustainability of forests – timber is a key resource for the Group and one of our planet’s most valuable materials; forestry activities must be managed in such a way as to ensure that this resource is maintained for future generations. Logging and forestry activities must be programmed to ensure a positive growth rate without damaging the ecosystem. Investments must be guaranteed to ensure the future sustainability of the environmental system concerned and also that fibres used in production do not come from forests with a high conservation value or where bio-systems are threatened.

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