Environmental policy

Safeguard the environment: a priority, an investment.
A company has responsibilities that go far beyond economic results, a concept that is steadily gaining acceptance and one that Burgo Group has endorsed for many years now.
Burgo Group has prepared a specific Environment and Industrial Health and Safety Policy Declaration that states in a clear, transparent manner its commitment to implement and make our entire staff and the general public aware of processes to safeguard the environment.
Together with product/service quality, respect for and safeguarding the environment is a cornerstone of Burgo Group’s operating and marketing strategies.
So basic prerequisites for Group activities are:

  • compatibility with the environment hosting them;
  • conscious and respectful use of resources;
  • protection of our staff and the public from adverse environmental effects;
  • conformity with environmental legislation and regulations, in addition to voluntary measures;
  • a move to constantly improve environmental performance and pollution prevention.

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