Respect for legislation and the adoption of voluntary measures: the Management System's role

Environmental issues are of prime importance to the Burgo Group, evidenced by the implementation of a dedicated unit, the Environmental Management System (EMS) comprising specialists chosen by and from among Group employees with the task of developing and implementing the company’s sustainability policies. The EMS ensures that regulations and voluntary standards are adhered to and plans all industrial activities aimed at improving the state of the environment and safeguarding the health and safety of the workforce. Processes and decisions are implemented in collaboration with the Quality Management System (QMS).
Recent coordination between these systems sparked off a move towards further synergy. The goal is to achieve a progressive integration of existing systems (Quality, Environment, Safety) within a sole Integrated Management System. Unifying these competencies within a single system will allow for greater optimization and more efficient control of these closely related issues.
Furthermore, the Group will be able to focus on a sole shared objective, with an overall view of sustainability involving:

  • excellence of products and processes
  • environmental impact
  • safeguarding of the workforce and ecosystems within which production sites are located.