Objective environment


Objective environment: sustainable processes, optimisation of resources, paper recycling

A clear focus on strategic objectives is the first step towards effective operations and it also enables precise monitoring and verification of results.

The Group is committed to achieve the following objectives:

  • minimise the environmental impact of products, processes and resource management by employing the best available and economically accessible technologies;
  • use natural, energy and raw material resources rationally;
  • minimise the environmental impact of production sites;
  • select suppliers who are conscientious in terms of sustainable growth (especially as regards fibrous raw materials), preferring those that have internationally recognised chain of custody certification;
  • involve and train staff to increase people's awareness and knowledge of environmental, health and safety issues;
  • adopt specific prevention and emergency procedures in the environmental and safety fields;
  • provide all those concerned with timely, transparent information and remain open to continue a dialogue and discussion.