Ecolabel UE

The EU Ecolabel ( is the European Union’s environmental quality label that certifies and guarantees respect for environmental criteria and low environmental impact throughout the product’s full life cycle.

Burgo Group decided to adhere in order to bear witness to its constant commitment to the process of improving environmental performance

Specifically, the EU Eurolabel guarantees that manufacture of the paper:

  • makes use of recycled fibres or virgin fibres from sustainable management forests
  • keeps a severe check on the atmospheric emissions of sulphur and greenhouse gases during the whole production process
  • reduces to the utmost the presence of chlorine compounds and organic substances in the waste water
  • limits the consumption of energy to the utmost during the whole production process
  • guarantees waste management during the whole production process

As far as the consumer is concerned, the true distinguishing feature of the Ecolabel is the guarantee provided by the EU of the ecological qualities and advantages of using the products which go beyond the manufacturer’s own label and make it possible to immediately identify products that match quality with respect for the environment, minimising any negative environmental impact throughout the product’s life-cycle


coated papers LWC e MWC
UNO range
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uncoated woodfree papers UWF
Selena and Selena Cartotecnici range
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office papers
Repro range
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coated woodfree papers CWF
R4 Chorus and Respecta range
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SBS boards
PRISMA and TEMPTATION range produced at:

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