Responsible and efficient transport: reduction of consumption
Burgo Group focuses on reducing road transport by choosing more sustainable solutions and carriers, namely, by using rail, coastal shipping and multi-modal systems (integration of truck, ship and train). Recent years have seen a further increase in rail and inter-modal transport as a percentage of total transport and therefore a reduction in road transport. In furtherance of this objective all Burgo Group mills use the TISYS® IT platform to centrally manage and assign road transport to the Group's carriers by means of "on-line auction". This leads to optimisation of truck and van journeys. Obviously, less journeys travelling empty means fuel savings and less waste. And, therefore, lower emissions into the atmosphere.

Care for products and deliveries
Burgo Group's transport and delivery system has been studied to ensure customers receive products in perfect condition by ensuring transport takes place in clean, odourless containers free from damp and dust. Respect for instructions given by mills and strict rules as regards vehicle maintenance in fact protects products from risks of stress and deterioration.

Means of transport in 2016