Burgo strategic choice to pursuit energy self-sufficiency by channelling its investments towards the production of en- ergy from renewable sources and cogeneration, gradually reduced the use of fossil fuels and, subsequently, the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Today the major source of CO2 emissions is the production of energy in thermal power stations, energy destined to paper production and to be sold on national and European power markets through the subsidiary Burgo Energia.

The Group has undertaken several actions in order to con- trol CO2 emissions and in general to improve its energy efficiency, such as:

  • Choosing for raw materials with low energy impact;
  • Adopting technologies that minimise energy con-sumption;
  • Adopting cogeneration systems (CHP);
  • Implementing an integrated and coordinated strategy for all Group plants;
  • Respecting international directives (first of all the¬†Kyoto Protocol);
  • Monitoring the working levels of the plants to evaluate their efficiency.