Electricity and gas: Burgo Group's role in the energy sector

Burgo Group plays various roles in two recently deregulated sectors

  • Electricity sector, where Burgo Group is a large-scale consumer (~3 TWh), an important self-producer (~3.1 TWh) and, lastly, an operator in the market (non-captive marketer of a further 2.3 TWh). It already manages a 64KV direct line linking one of its hydroelectric power stations to a paper mill in central Italy.
  • Gas sector, in which Burgo Group is both a large-scale consumer (a total of 0.9 billion cubic metres per annum for direct process needs and for cogeneration plants that power processes) and assignee of new stocking capacity, operations managed by its Burgo Energia srl subsidiary.

In the past few years the Group has organized these activities through a dedicated company: Burgo Energia which today manages a pool of plants that in recent years has seen the addition of new combined cycle gas turbine units (CCGT). There are 12 power stations (20 power plants) with a capacity to generate 3.1 TWh, which means the Group is entirely self-sufficient.


Burgo Energia formed in 2003 on the wave of deregulation, is a market-oriented company to which the Group has assigned the task of exploiting its own energy system and developing sales of electricity.

Qualified as a "Suitable wholesale purchaser", ESCO (Energy Service Company) and operator on major European Electricity Markets, today the company is active on both the organised and OTC markets. It handles despatch in Italy for production and consumption plants, markets 7 TWh of electricity and manages a diversified domestic and international energy portfolio. In addition it is also involved in trading and sale of gas to medium and large-scale end-users.