Treviso / Thermoelectric power plant

Primary Energy Necessary 13,935 TEP
Electricity used in the plant 37,362 MWh
LV Steam used in the plant 75,193 t
Electricity sold to the market 0 MWh
  • The power plant generates all the technological steam required by the paper mill.
  • Connection to the 130kV electricity power grid, together with the 10 kV direct line from the Silea (owned by SIED) hydro–electric power stations, integrates deficits in autonomous energy production on a need now basis.

Power Plants

  • A BONO thermal fluid OIL–MATIC heater.
  • A thermal fluid OIL–MATIC generator (OMP 10,000/300°C/g+CH4/PA).
  • EVO–OIL 1600/12 water evaporator (steam production 16 Ton/h).