Toscolano / Thermoelectric power plant

Primary Energy Necessary 46,232 TEP
Electricity used in the plant 150,216 MWh
LV Steam used in the plant 333,630 t
Primary energy necessary 6,944 MWh
  • The power plant generates all the technological steam required by the paper mill.
  • The link to the 132 kV national power grid occasionally integrates any deficit in autonomous energy production on a need now basis and allows for the sporadic emission of energy to the grid should energy production exceed plant requirements.

Power Plants

  • A 65 t/h 70 bar, 480°C boiler..
  • A 9.2 MW (max) counter–pressure steam turbine.
  • Two 7 MW Turbogas boilers.


Boiler   in use
Manufacturer   IDROTERMICI
Year of manufacture   1999
Fuel   Gas
Steam operating pressure Bar 70
Steam operating temperature °C 480
Steam capacity t/h 65

Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine in use reserve reserve
Year of manufacture 2002 1962 1958/1974
Type Contropress. Contropress. Contropress.
Generation Voltage KW 9,218 3,000 3,850
Alternator Rating KVA 11,500 3,750 5,500
Generation Voltage V 6,000 6,000 6,000


Turbogas 1, 2    
Manufacturer   SOLAR
Year of manufacture   1999
Fuel   Gas
Electric Power KW 7,009
Alternator Rating KVA 9,000
Generation voltage V 6,000