Sora / Centrale Termoelettrica

Primary Energy Necessary 50,162 TEP
Electricity used in the plant 137,536 MWh
LV Steam used in the plant 341,630 t
Electricity sold to the market 59,346 MWh

In 2008 a cogeneration plant was installed to provide for the deficit in energy production in terms of the needs of the plant. The new turbogas generator was designed to integrate in a combined cycle with the two existing steam turbines. The plant now provides all the technological steam required by the paper mill. Any excess electricity generated is yielded to the grid.

Power Plants

  • A 90 t/h, 55 bar, 450 °C boiler.
  • A LM2500 33.3 MW (ISO) gas turbine..
  • A 3.0 MW counter–pressure steam turbine with a capacity of 26 t/h operating at 3.5 bar.
  • A mixed steam turbine (8.8 MW) with an entry capacity of 56 t/h, operating mainly in counter–pressure at 3.5 bar, with a condensate capacity of 3.3 t/h.

Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine   TG1
Model   LM2500 DLE + G4
Year of manufacture   2008
Fuel   Methane
Exhaust fumes capacity kg/s 86.6
Exhaust fumes temperature °C 531
Electric power kW 33,300 (ISO)
Electricity output % 36.1
Alternator rating KVA 41,000
Generation voltage KV 10.5

Recovery Boiler

Recovery Boiler    
Manufacturer   SIRZ
Year of manufacture   2008
Functioning mode Recovery Post–combustion
Post–combustion capacity Sm³/h   3,580
Power released Kwt 40,950 75,410
HV steam capacity t/h 53 90
HV steam pressure Barg 55 55
HV steam temperature °C 450 450
Flue gas temperature °C 135 196

Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine TV1 TV1
Year of manufacture 1964 1969
Type Counter–pressure Mixed
HV steam induction capacity t/h 25 57
HV steam pressure barg 53 53
HV steam temperature °C 450 450
LV extracted steam capacity t/h 25 53
LV extracted steam pressure barg 3.5 3.5
LV extracted steam temperature °C 180 180
Condensed steam capacity t/h   3,5
Power at the alternator terminals kW 3000 8,800
Alternator Rating kVA 3,750 11,000
Generation voltage kV 6 6