Lugo / Centrale Thermoelectric power plant

Primary Energy Necessary 23,763 TEP
Electricity used in the plant 56,297 MWh
LV Steam used in the plant 139,125 t
Electricity sold to the market 0 MWh
  • The power plant generates all the technological steam required by the paper mill.
  • The connection to the 130kV electricity power grid, together with the 2kV direct line from the Serra and Calvene hydro-electric power stations (owned by SIED), integrates deficits in autonomous energy production on a need now basis.

Power Plants

  • A 44 t/h, 35 bar, 420 °C boiler.
  • A 3.65 MW counter–pressure steam turbine.
  • A 2 MW reserve condensate steam turbine.
  • A 1.68 MW reserve counter–pressure steam turbine.


Boiler   1
Manufacturer   Idrotermici
Year of manufacture   1975
Year of upgrading   1992
Fuel   Gas, BTZ
Steam operating pressure Bar 35
Steam operating temperature °C 420
Steam capacity t/h 44

Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine 1 2 3
Year of manufacture 1953   1942
Type Counter pressure Condensation Counter pressure
Electric capacity KW 3,650 2,000 1,680
Alternator rating kVA 4,820 2,500 2,000
Generation voltage V 6,000 500 500