Duino / Thermoelectric power plant

Primary Energy Necessary 140,518 TEP
Electricity used in the plant 397,112 MWh
LV Steam used in the plant 439,926 t
Electricity sold to the market 327,908 MWh
  • Constructed in 1958 with the installation of two 60t/h 52 bar "Gonzales" boilers with 4 steam turbines named TV1, TV2, TV3 and TV4. The TV1 and TV4 were counter–pressure/tachometric turbines with 3.15 kV generator voltage and a maximum output of 5,000 kW (TV1) and 7,500kW (TV4). The TV2 and TV3 were low pressure condensing turbines each with 3.15kV generator voltage and a maximum output of 3,600kW.
  • 1° upgrade: 1961/1962 – installation of a traditional 200 t/h 80 bar 40MW condensing "Cavalieri" boiler (TV6). A second condensing steam turbine with 5.25kV generator voltage and a maximum output of 1,500kW (TV5) was also installed as backup to the TV6.
  • 2° upgrade: installation of a traditional 120 t/h 52 bar "Cavalieri" boiler.
  • 3° upgrade: 1990/1991 – Installation of two 38MW Turbogas generators.
  • Revamping: replacement of the two existing Turbogas generators with higher yielding generators.

Power Plants

  • Two 46 MW GE LM 6000 Turbogas generators with steam generation values, including pre-combustion, ranging between 70 ton/h at 40 bar and 15 ton/h at 2,5 bar.
  • A 36 MW condensing steam turbine with low pressure spills to supply steam to the paper machines.
  • A traditional 90 ton/h 40 bar steam generator.
  • Two counter–pressure/tachometric steam turbines with 3.5 MW (TV1) and 4 MW (TV2) generator voltage (both units produce less than stated by the manufacturer as they operate at reduced pressure).

The current configuration can be seen by subdividing the plant in two sections.

1. Conventional section

  • A traditional boiler.
  • Two counter-pressure/tachometric steam turbines (TV1 – 4). Each turbine is fitted with a synchronous alternator. The other turbines (TV2–3–5) have been phased out.

2. TurboGas section

  • Two LM 6000 gas turbines, each fitted with a synchronous alternator.
  • Two dual pressure recovery boilers, fuelled by exhaust heat from the gas turbines and any eventual post–combustion with dedicated burners, each complete with thermo–physical degassers, circulation and fuel feed pumps.


Boilers   1
Manufacturer   Center
Year of manufacture   1965
Fuel   Gas
Minimum seal pressure Bar 42
Steam operating pressure Bar 40
Steam operating temperature °C 380/420
Steam capacity t/h 90

Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine TV1 TV4 TV6
Manufacturer STAL STAL STAL
Year of manufacture 1958 1958 1964
Manufacturer contr. contr. mista
Generation voltage kV 3.15 3.15 10.5
Alternator power kVA 6,250 9,375 50,000
Mechanical power kW 5,000 7,500 40,000

Turbine a gas

Turbine a gas TG1 TG2
Model LM 6000 LM 6000
Year of manufacture 2008 2008/2009
Fuel Methane Methane
Exhaust fumes capacity kg/s 131 131
Exhaust fumes temperature °C 451.4 451.4
Electric power kW 46,000 46,000
Alternator synchronous synchronous
Manufacturer FK Brush FK Brush
Voltage generated 10.5 10.5
Electric power MVA 58 58
Portata vapore totale t/h 59 59

Recovery Boiler

Recovery Boiler GVR1 GVR2
Year of manufacture 1990 1990
Manufacturer MACCHI MACCHI
Exhaust fumes capacity kg/s 165 165
Exhaust fumes entry temperature °C 519 519
Exhaust fumes exit temperature°C 112 112
Steam pressure 1° level bar 40 40
Steam temperature 1° level °C 380/420 380/420
Steam enthalpy 1° level kJ/kg 3,168 3,168
Steam pressure 2° level bar 2.8 2.8
Steam pressure 2° level bar 160 160
Steam enthalpy 2° level kJ/kg 2,773 2,773