Chiampo / Centrale Thermoelectric plant

Primary Energy Necessary 12,380 TEP
Electricity used in the plant 28,094 MWh
LV Steam used in the plant 79,776 t
Electricity sold to the market 0 MWh
  • The plant is designed to provide all the technological steam required by the paper mill.
  • The 22kV connection to the National Electricity Grid integrates any deficit in electricity auto production with regard to the needs of the plant.

Power plants

  • One 62 bar 15 t/h boiler (superheated).
  • One 20 bar 9 t/h boiler (saturated).
  • A 1.6 MW counter–pressure steam turbine with 62 bar inlet steam pressure and 2.6 bar exhaust pressure. The steam turbine is only capable of thermo parallel processing with the hydrothermal boiler as the latter generates lower pressure.

Boiler 1

Boiler   1
Manufacturer   Idrotermici
Year of manufacture   1985
Fuel   Gas
Rated pressure Bar 68
Operating pressure Bar 62
Steam output t/h 15

Boiler 2

Boiler   2
Manufacturer   Galleri
Year of manufacture   1972
Fuel   Gas
Rated pressure Bar 48
Operating pressure Bar 20
Steam output t/h 9

Steam turbine

Steam turbine   TV
Manufacturer   Siemens
Year of manufacture   1985
Type   Counter–pressure
Power generated MW 1,6
Operating voltage kV 0.525
Nominal rpm g/’ 14,000
Inlet steam pressure bar 62
Exhaust steam pressure bar 2.6
Operation   Continuous