Avezzano / Thermoelectric power plant

Primary Energy Necessary 107,216 TEP
Electricity used in the plant 187,663 MWh
LV Steam used in the plant 415,282 t
Electricity sold to the market 338,114 MWh

*including energy generated by the Canistro hydro–electric power plant

Power Plants

  • Two sections each with 26.8 MW Turbogas GE, a 72 ton/h post–combustion steam generator and alternator.
  • A 30.2 MW steam turbo group.
  • A 72 ton/h traditional vapour generator.
  • A 7.4 MW counter–pressure steam turbine.

The current configuration can be identified by splitting the power plan into two sections: :

1. Conventional section

  • Flame boiler.
  • Two steam turbines, one with regulated withdrawal condensate/counter–pressure, the other only counter pressure (reserve). Each turbine has a synchronous alternator.

2. Turbogas section

  • Two LM 2500 Plus gas turbines, each with a synchronous alternator.
  • Two recovery boilers with two pressure levels, both with a natural gas post combustion systems and conduits linked to the exhaust of the gas turbines.

Gas turbine

Gas turbine TG1 TG2
Model LM 2500 + DLE LM 2500 + DLE
Year of manufacture 1999 1999
Fuel Methane Methane
Exhaust fumes capacity kg/s 75.1 75.1
Exhaust fumes temperature &deg C 512 512
Electric power kW 26,848 26,848
Electricity output % 40.1 40.1
Alternator rating KVA 35,875 35,875
Generation voltage KV 10.5 10.5

Recovery Boiler

Recovery Boiler    
Manufacturer   CCT
Year of manufacture   1999
Functioning modes Recovery Post combustion
Post combustion capacityNm3/h 0 2995
Power released kW 0 31500
LV steam operating pressure Barg 51.2 51.9
HV steam operating temperature °C 453 462
LV steam capacity t/h 7.9 6
LV steam operating pressure Barg 4.0 4.2
LV steam operating temperature °C 251 187
Flue gas temperature °C 122 97

Steam Turbine

Steam Turbine    
Manufacturer   Ansaldo
Model   TV CDI 665 UR
Year of manufacture   1999
Type   Extraction/condensation
HV steam induction capacity t/h 144
HV steam operating pressure barg 49
HV steam operating temperature °C 459
LV extracted steam capacity t/h 70.2
LV extracted steam pressure barg 2.8


Steam Turbine    
Manufacturer   EscherWiss
Year of manufacture   1996
Type   Counter–pressure
Electric power kW 7,390
Rotation speed Rpm 10,000
Alternator manufacturer   Ansaldo
LV extracted steam temperature °C 170
Condensate steam capacity t/h 73.8
Condensation pressure barg 0.5
Condensation temperature °C 65
Alternator rating KVA 35,875
Rating at alternator terminals kW 28,060
Generation voltage kV 10.5


Manufacturer   Breda
Year of manufacture   1966
Fuel   Gas, BTZ
Steam operating pressure Bar 50
Steam operating temperature °C 460
Steam capacity t/h 72